‘Octo’ means ‘eight’, and I believe ‘ber’ means ‘player games’

Welcome to the October update, because our next meet is this Saturday on October 1st, Bar Convent, 10am-9pm. If you’ve never been before then please come along for some fun boardgaming of all stripes.

Some people have already noticed that the month of October is unusual, in that the 2nd and 4th Friday directly precede the 3rd and 5th Saturday. And that there is a 5th Saturday. Well, fear not, as we are currently confirming the switch to a more amenable timetable of the 1st and 3rd Friday. Alternate weeks basically. And hopefully a fifth Saturday extravaganza as well. Details to be confirmed very soon, but basically assume they have been unless a future update contradicts me.


‘But wait, isn’t there a whole bunch of other things happening in October or something?’ Why yes, well done for remembering! This month on Sunday 16th is GeekFest at York University, thankyou to everyone who has volunteered, I will be picking up the passes for volunteers on Sat 15th and handing them out at BM! that day, but if you can’t make that but still want to help I can give them to you on the Sunday. If you aren’t sure about helping, you should still go as it looks to be an extrememly fun day: https://geekfestyork.co.uk/


Also, Airecon! This has the good fortune to not fall on a BM Saturday, and is nearby. I’ll be driving down and you may even get a chance to playtest ‘The Eagle Flies at Midnight’ if you’re very lucky, as word on the grapevine is promising. Other things include boardgaming, more boardgaming, and I believe a curry. It’s being supported by UKGamesExpo, who are trying to help these smaller cons gain traction. It looks to be fun, and you can read more here: http://www.airecon.uk/ Let me know if you’re going or want to go, because there may be a small group of us.

And what about the 7 Wonders Tournament? Well, that’s in December, which isn’t technically October, but there have been a couple of new posters posted in the 7 Wonders Tournament page (under BM Games in the toolbar I think).


Woo. That’s a lot of gaming stuff. I probably ought to have portioned it out like VPs for grain, but I suppose I still can chuck updates out on facebook and the like. I’m rambling now, let’s look at some eight player games for October!

Captain Sonar




“Dive. Head north.”

“Dive. Head east”



“Head west”

“Head north”


“Wait I missed that last one”

“Head south”

“Torpedoes primed”


“Head west”

“Wait, the torpedoes have broken”

“Sonar primed”

“Do we know where they are yet?”

“Head east”

“Torpedoes fixed!”

“Shall we use the sonar?”

“I think they’re here” *gestures on map*

“Head south”

“Nope lost them”


“We need to go west Captain!”

“Head North”

“How’s the sonar looking?”

“Did they just go west?”

“Torpedoes ready captain!”

“STOP!- we’re using our sonar!”

“Uh, the sonar’s out of commission. Captain.”

“Carry on!”

“Head south!”

“Well they’re not where I thought they were”

“I think we ought to surface.”

“Have you found them yet?”

“Head South”

“Have we fixed the torpedoes yet?”

“Head east”

“They’ve been fixed for a while, Captain”

“Mine primed”

“Have we got a fix on their location?”


“STOP!- fire the torpedoes!”

and so on and so forth. Captain Sonar plays eight people in two teams of four, and can play fewer but really there’s no need. It can take anything from 15 to 30 minutes for a game, and is a lot of fun.


I’m also going to put this in here:

Room 25


Because I just bought the expansion which makes it go up to 8 players and I haven’t played it for a while. In the near dystopian far future, 4-8, but better with higher player counts, people are forced to travel through a dangerous series of rooms until they escape. The twist- if you’re playing the version with traitors there are traitors! Based on the movie cube it is an excellent traitor game, one of my favourites for not just being about social deduction, but also about efficient movement on a board. Which makes it sound duller then it is. Simply put- you can push your friends and allies into a fiery death room or just move the entire complex around until people have forgotten which rooms are safe. And lie. Room 25 is a jolly good vicious time but plays quickly- only about 30 minutes per game.

Well, that’s all from me. Congratulations to making it to the end, although I note I haven’t even posted about the response to the Egizia question (thanks for all the offers and suggestions), or pointed out we are still selling game- list to be updated in the next full update.

See you this Saturday!





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