Quick reminder- Friday meet

Hello everyone, a quick notice here: meet this Friday at the Bar Convent from 5 until 9. However, whilst I’m reminding you, a question: have you been to the new Travelling Man shop in York? They’ve not only got a lot more space for board games, but they’ve also got a massive space upstairs for gaming. Watch this space for more info regarding that perhaps. And don’t forget- 10% off games at Travelling Man with our BM! card, ask for yours on Friday!

Other regular things: just a reminder about Geekfest in October, Airecon (let us know if you fancy going, we may be able to organise transport for all of us), and the 7 Wonders tournament in December, sign ups and a poster for criticism coming very soon!

And my game recommendation is the very first game I ever played at Beyond Monopoly!

Chicago Express


There are 3 good games which end with the word Express, and Chicago Express is one of them (guesses for the other two are welcomed). Normally when people think of shares in train games, 18XX and 5 hour games spring to mind, but Chicago Express is a wonderful distillation of buying shares, building tracks and improving places. Key to it are two things- making sure you don’t benefit other people more than yourself (as well as piggybacking others successful train companies with a sneaky share purchase), and using the dial choices to your advantage. There are only three things players can do- auction a share, build some track, or improve a place. When doing one of these, the corresponding dial is turned, and it’s possible to block that action for others. As the train companies get bigger they provide dividends for shareholders, but be careful- buying a share cheaply may sound good, but that just gives the train company less money to build tracks. Chicago express is a fun game that plays up to 6 players (although I believe 4 is ideal) in about an hour.


See you on Friday!



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