New games! Play them this Saturday!

Yesterday’s post has already caused a flurry of action, with several requests for games to save/buy already being received. If you haven’t had a look yet please take one.

This update however is about two new games we have, they are my recommendations of the week, and you can play them from this Saturday, 10am-9pm at the Bar Convent.

Number 1:

Tales of the Arabian Nights


You’re walking through a desert town when an old beggar approaches. How will you react? Help him? Chat to him? Rob him? Attack him? Seduce him? All these options are yours to take in Tales of The Arabian Nights. This is the storytelling game. Your journey through the game depends entirely upon what choices you make and what skills you have. And you’re goal isn’t wealth, power or fame (although those may help you), it’s to have a good story to tell at the end. Literally. The winning player has led the most eventful life, whether it’s one of skullduggery, adventure or honour. Or just getting locked up all the time and escaping jail. Tales of the Arabian Nights plays up to 6 players at about half an hour per player.

Number 2:



Karuba is a treasure hunting tile laying game. The twist is everyone plays tiles simultaneously on their own board. All players have 4 explorers looking for 4 temples. Each turn one player chooses at random a tile, and every player places that tile somewhere on the board, or discards it to move an explorer. Think ‘Take it Easy’, but with a theme and a more competetive element. All tiles will be pulled, but even if you get all treasures, there’s still a bigger reward for getting them before everyone else. Karuba is a fantastic family and gateway game, but also just a fun 30 minutes. It was a well deserved Spiel deh Jahres nominee this year along with Imhotep (both losing to Codenames), all of which we have. Karuba plays up to 4 in about 30 minutes.


So come and give either of these a go, I’m happy to teach them, although Karuba is pretty straightforward. A few more small things: Geekfest is just over a month away now- please let me know if you are willing to volunteer to help out. There will be an Escape Room specially built for the event there, which a group of us might fancy if we have enough to man our open gaming!

Also, just in case you missed it, here is Mansions of Madness being played on the big screen last Friday: mansions (sorry for the terrible photo quality).

I’ll be bringing it along again this Saturday for a game, so feel free to ask. Also, if you want to play my spy game let me know, I’ll be looking for players.


Hope to see you there!

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