Friday meet- this Friday! Also, updates and thoughts on 2-player games.

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well. Thanks to Jim for doing the updates the past two weeks, with some fantastic game recommendations (Scythe is fantastic fun, and Citadels is a proper classic). There will be a regular games meet this week on Friday, Bar Convent from 5pm until 9pm.

Some updates: the list of games we will be selling has almost been finalised. Prices will be going up next Saturday (and I’ll post them here first), but please say if you want the club to keep any of them. With the new space we’ll be able to get some more excellent games, one of which we’ll have soon (clue- we’ve only got the one, rather than the thousand and one).

October 16th is Geekfest at York University. We will be there: which should prove very fun. As a club it’s always good to help out with York events, and getting a greater connection to York University can only be a good thing. We have been given 10 free volunteer passes, so anybody who wants to help out that day please please let me know. And if you just fancy coming along I don’t blame you.

The week after is Airecon, another great Yorkshire event, and then in December it’s the Beyond Monopoly! Unofficial Seven Wonders Tournament with Great Prizes! and Fantastic Senses of Achievement! Sign ups will begin in due course.

Now onto the game recommendation. And it’s three from me this week. I was fortunate enough to raid the Beyond Monopoly games cupboard for two player games this summer, and took a handful away with me. Not Twilight Struggle, because as good as that it is I wanted some lighter fare. Instead my two player picks are:



Jambo is all about trading. The heaviest of my three games, it plays like a traditional trading resources game- buy low and sell high. There’s an element of player interaction which sits at the sweet spot between being too nasty, and playing a solitaire. It’s card driven, but a large deck of cards lead to a multitude of options, making each game feel different. One game you may find yourself struggling with a lack of cards, another you have a glut, but no time to play them. Some very nice catch up mechanisms lead to a close game almost every time. Jambo plays with 2 players in 30-45 minutes.




AKA Lost Cities. If you’re put off by the fact we have the German copy, don’t be. Not only are the English rules inside, but this game is deceptively simple. Each player has coloured cards from 2-10, and all you have to do is play them such that the numbers always increase. Your opponent does the same, and when the deck runs out you score each colour you played a card in. The issue is, 20 is subtracted from those scores first, so if you can’t score more than 20, you’ll find yourselves in the negatives. A very simple game, but one I gained a new respect for after playing it so many times. I think it’s deceptively more brutal in Jambo, you’re impact on the other player is much more subtle, but no less devastating. Going for a late gamble on an unused colour whilst your opponent runs down the clock is a thing of tension. Exploradores plays with 2 players in about 15 minutes.




Quarto is the abstract of the group. Connect 4 of the same sort of shape- hollow or solid, tall or small etc. However, your opponent decides which piece you will place. Fans of any abstract puzzle games will enjoy this, but this game itself is simple genius. You know you’ve got good at it when you stop making unforced errors and can actually see a couple of moves ahead. However, I’m not sure I got to that stage. Quarto plays two players in about 10 minutes.


So there we are, if you find yourself with just one other person at the club whilst waiting for a game, give one of these two player games a try. They’re simple yet fun and strategic. Any questions and I’ll be happy to teach them.


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