Friday Meet

What better way to kick off what looks to be a ‘mixed’ bank holiday weekend (weather-wise at least) than coming along to our 4th Friday session at Beyond Monopoly! this Friday. We’ll be at the Bart Convent as usual.

Scythe (2016)

The featured game has to be Scythe, an easy pick as it was played an incredible 6 times at last Saturday’s session, with at one point three games running concurrently! I think the only time I’ve seen this at the club before was at our 7 Wonders tournaments.

While from a distance it might look like a miniatures-heavy wargame, at its core there’s a big slice of Euro-style resource management / engine building. Starting with just yourself, your pet animal (don’t ask) and a couple of lonely workers you build a thriving economy with upgrades allowing you to deploy buildings, mechs, and increasingly large piles of resources.

Once the players break out of their starting areas on the board it becomes very interactive, with the threat (and at times, execution) of attack coming into play. One nice touch is that winning a battle is usually not cost-free for the attacker, as it costs you popularity which influences your final score. If you invest wisely you can benefit from your opponents’ upgrades too, meaning it’s much more interactive than many ostensibly similar Euros.


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