Saturday Meet reminder plus info about games (purge warning and how to borrow).

Hello everybody, hope you’re all having a glorious summer and enjoying the weather. This Saturday I’m afraid it’s going to rain, but you can escape that by coming to Beyond Monopoly! in the wonderfully dry and cool Bar Convent- 10am until 9pm.

Now, if you haven’t seen the blog before, or only read this bit, I’ve actually done a bit of spring cleaning of some of the pages. Including putting our 7 Wonders tournament in events (superb prize information soon!), and updating some of the other pages. Feel free to look around. I will also be putting the games list in one section soon, and maybe some others. Have a look.

Talking about the games we currently have, I was able to do a quick spring clean and audit, with the help of Mike and Fi (cheers!), and hopefully people have seen and like the new layout. There’s some organisation on the shelves- 2 player, co-ops, some popular series and some genres have got their own spaces now.

Unplayed games have been relegated to the boxes of doom below the shelves. And a significant number of those games will be gotten rid of. I’m not going to post the list here now, instead I’ll take a copy on Saturday, and stick it up on the cupboard door. If there are games there which you think the club needs to keep please either let me know or make a note on the sheet (although we may still get rid of them). We are talking about over 100 games here.

One of the reasons for this massive stockpile of unplayed games is because we have a significant number or games which nobody knows how to play. In order to alleviate this I want to encourage anybody who wants to learn a game we have to borrow it. We lend games out and simply ask for a returnable deposit (£5 or $10 depending upon the game). If it’s extremely popular we ask for you to bring it back to the next meet, otherwise just discuss with us when you can return it. So if you’ve always wanted to play Arkham Horror, but don’t know how, just borrow it from us to learn the rules, and then bring it back and play it with others. Or any game we have. This is especially a good idea with some of the more complex games we have, although for most of the games we have there are people who will be happy to teach you.

Crikey, another long post. And I haven’t even reminded you of the upcoming events (Geekfest, Airecon, 7Wonders Tournament- check last week’s post). So there’s a reminder for them. And here’s the game recommendation of the week…

Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery (2012)


I’ve never actually played Spartacus, but I’ve heard very good things about it. The game is essentially a backstabbing game with a bit of auctioneering and a dash of battling with miniatures, but mainly treachery. Money can change hands at any time, and promises do not have to be kept. However, provided everybody is on the same page, it should be some good brutal fun. A surprising hit back when it was introduced at GenCon in 2012, Spartacus plays up to 4 in two and a half hours (yes, it’s a relatively long game).

See you on Saturday!




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