Friday meet and news about what’s upcoming

This Friday is our usual 2nd Friday meet at the Bar Convent from 5pm until 9pm. Whilst you are there please take a moment to admire the new look sorted cupboard, full of games which are now accessible.


But I want to take this opportunity to tell everybody about a few upcoming events this year!

Firstly, in October, there are two gaming events. Airecon ( is an open gaming event in Bradford. In it’s second year, they promise lots of gaming, and also a curry. Airecon takes place on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd, which is not a Beyond Monopoly day, so everyone can go guilt free!

Secondly, GeekFest ( at York Uni is a fantastic celebration of all things geeky pop-culture, and we will be there! On the Sunday Beyond Monopoly! will be hosting an open gaming session, and we want as many people to come along to join in. So keep Sunday 16th open in your diaries for some good geeky fun.

Finally, in December, the famous Beyond Monopoly! Seven Wonders tournament will be taking place. We already have a number of prizes kindly donated by shops and publishers, but really no material prize can compare with the accomplishment the winner feels. The date is December 3rd, 11am-4pm, although final times may be subject to change. Tell everyone you know about it, and if you haven’t entered before prepare yourselves. Expect more updates about this as we proceed.

And with that, the game recommendation has to be…

7 Wonders


If you haven’t played 7 Wonders, it’s probably the pinnacle of pure drafting games (quiet Sushi Go! fans). Themed around building your civilisation, although specifically your wonder, you can choose whether to build up an army, invest in science, grow your economy, or just build build build. All through the simple passing and playing of cards. Excellent for new players both kind and ruthless, it’s a true modern classic, and ought to be played at least once by everyone. 7 Wonders plays up to 7, and plays just as well with 7 as with lower numbers, in about 30 minutes. If you like it, also try the Babel expansion which the club owns, but which sits forlornly in its wrapping.


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