6th August- Saturday meet. And Great (escape) news!

Hello everybody, another long one today I’m afraid, but let’s start with the usual. There will be a meet at the Bar Convent this Saturday from 10am until 9am. All welcome, lots of fun games to be played in good company.


And now some exciting news- some of you may have noticed that the headline image isn’t a game. For the second week running. You are quite correct, in a way. I am proud to announce that Beyond Monopoly have teamed up with Gr8escape York to offer 10% off their escape room experiences! For those of you who don’t know, escape rooms are giant puzzles for teams of people. You are in a locked room, and have 1 hour to solve the puzzles, and escape. Me and Fi did the Spy School room there, and had a fantastic time. We were also 12 seconds from the top 10 leaderboard (46min 56 seconds), and if anybody beats us I’ll happily buy you a drink, so confident am I about our puzzling skills. If you want any more information (but no spoilers) please just ask, and to take advantage of this special offer please book over the phone and ask for the Beyond Monopoly discount then remember to take your stamped BM card with you on the day. A great experience for family and friends.


Also, whilst we’re talking about the Beyond Monopoly card, remember it can also get you a 10% discount at Travelling Man, OG Games, and games and toys at Waterstones (including Lego!). If you’re a regular and haven’t got one, or haven’t had it stamped for a while, ask this Saturday.

Now onto the game recommendation of the week. With all this talk of puzzling and deduction it would seem a detective game would be appropriate, which would make PI seem the obvious choice, but it’s thematically a bit too similar to last week’s recommendation of Murder… So instead, a thematically different, but oddly similar (to me at least) game:



Tobago is the perfect game for the warm summer, being as it’s about cruising around a tropical island. Admittedly you’re cruising in polygon van, hunting treasure, but it’s close enough. The aim of the game is to find treasure, and to do so you have to produce clues to narrow down the treasure to one spot. The person who gave the most clues gets the most treasure, but the person who actually digs it up gets a bonus. A lovely game with light deductive elements, fantastic pieces and just good fun. Simple to learn, Tobago plays with up to 4 people in about an hour. If you haven’t played it, give it a go.


And that’s it. The escape room news moved what I thought I would be writing to next week I guess. Oh, and if any of you watch The Dice Tower videos, keep an eye out for Paul at the end of one of them.

See you on Saturday.



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