Special Saturday at St Chad’s- Pimm’s and Games!

This Saturday is a the fifth Saturday of the month, and as usual, we are celebrating the additional weekend with a games day at St Chads, 10am-9pm. For those who have never been to St Chad’s before, it’s a lovely little church hall near the racecourse on the Knavesmire Road. There is some parking, otherwise it can be reached by walking and buses number 11, 21 & 26. Here’s a link to a map: Map.

On the day we will have a special Pimm’s and Games event, where you will be given a glass of Pimm’s whilst you play a game. Or for every game you play, provided we have enough Pimm’s and everyone plays sufficiently long games. Either way, it’s bound to be a lot of fun, and a really generous thing for Paul to offer.

And now, the game of the week recommendation:

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong



A social deduction game for 4-12 people. There’s been a murder, with some evidence left behind at the scene. The Forensic Scientist knows all the details, but due to those desk bound bureaucrats at City Hall,  can only guide the investigators by highlighting descriptive words. As for the investigators? Well, at this precinct each detective only gets one accusation, after which they’re put on administrative leave. Also, the murderer gets a chance to pop any witnesses if they are caught. It’s a wonder so many crimes are actually solved here.

A fantastically fun game, suitable for large groups and plays one round in under 20 minutes (possibly shorter if DCI Gutfeel fingers the correct suspect first time). Give it a go if you haven’t.


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