Friday Meet- this Friday! Post also includes our complete games list.

Hello everyone, a few things. Firstly, this Friday is a regular meet date from 5pm until 9pm at the Bar Convent. If the door is closed just ring the bell. Guaranteed boardgaming fun. With a game recommendation later below.

Secondly, keep your diaries open for some fifth Saturday news, and also October news (yes we’re in July, but October is looking busy so you ought to be forewarned). I won’t post it now, just so I’ve got something to post next week.

Thirdly if you’re knocking about in York this Saturday me (Mark) and Fi are taking some games we can sneak out of BM into a pub for some pub boardgaming (nothing heavy, stuff like Codenames, Murder in Hong Kong etc. Current plan is Brigantes on Micklegate at 2pm, not likely to change, but check comments here in case it does.

Penultimately, and thankyou for making it this far, a lot of people have been asking me what games we actually have at the club. Not literally, but I imagine people would like to know. So here’s the complete list:

That lists all games we have, including expansions. The number of times played needs to be updated again, but otherwise it should all be there. If you want to play something not there feel free to bring it in yourself, or request it.

Finally, game suggestion of the week is a game which the club has owned for a long time, looks interesting, plays in a decent amount of time, but has been hidden at the bottom of the cupboard:

City Tycoon

city tycoon

Build a city, supply the buildings, and try to impress more residents than your rivals. It’s a tile drafting city building game which plays from 2-5 in 75minutes. I’ve never played it, but I’m ready to teach it. If you’re interested let me know this Friday.



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