Meet this Saturday 16th July

I hesitate to call it a regular meet (although it is), it feels like  the word ‘regular’ downplays it a little. Anyway, there is another amazing Beyond Monopoly meet this Saturday at the Bar Convent from 10am until 9pm. Here’s a little blurb in case you’ve never been before:

We meet to play excellent board and card games, from our extensive collection (over 500 games). If you’ve heard of it, we have it, and if somehow we don’t just bring it along! Everyone is very friendly, and usually there’s always a game about to start you can join, and we’re more than happy to teach rules. Or watch people fail to solve the mysteries in Time Stories whilst you wait.

So there you go, how can you resist? And if you need a little more encouragement, here’s a game suggestion of the week:



Snowdonia joins fellow superb game Lords of Waterdeep as a seemingly gentle worker placement game. Instead of completing fantasy missions however, we’re completing the Snowdonian railway line. Whilst that may sound simpler, it’s actually much more dastardly, as the weather, board and pub all conspire to make the task more difficult than it ought to be, and then just do it for you instead. The game is delightfully put together, very simple to learn and plays up to 5 in about one and a half hours. For those experts who’ve played it before we also have a range of expansions, such as wagons, different tracks and terrible weather. If anybody wants to learn, or fancies a game, I will be happy to play and teach it this Saturday, just ask.


Hope to see you there!


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