Regular Meet Sat 18th June. Look at what we got!

Hello everybody, I’m guest editing the blog this week, to remind you all to come play boardgames at Beyond Monopoly this Saturday (10am-9pm, Bar Convent). What’s so special about this Saturday? Well, now is the perfect time to come and play all those games we got at the UK Games Expo earlier this month. Including:

The wonderful Imhotep, a cube pushing Euro style pyramid builder, great fun spiel des jahres nominee which plays with up to 4 in under an hour.



The excellent Civilisation game Through the Ages, a NEW Story of Civilisation. Very much like Nations, this is a civilisation building game through clever card drafting. It’s complex and long, but I will be offering to do a teaching game Saturday, beginning at around 11:00. If you’re interested in learning it please send me an email (to the bm account), because it only really plays up to three and I’d hate to disappoint anybody who wants to learn it.


The delightful Orleans. The club has it’s own copy now, and whilst some of the tiles may be in German, the game remains as fun and easy to pick up as ever. An oft requested club favourite we now own.


Or, if Euro style games aren’t you’re thing, we finally have an up to date copy of the game released by the most companies, making most critic’s top tens, it’s Cosmic Encounter. A brutal semi diplomatic beast, playing up to 5 players in a couple of hours.

And those are just the entrées. For desserts we have Celestia, Mascarade (with expansion), Good Cop, Bad Cop, murder-em-up Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, Chrononauts, Why First? (donation from Pegausus Spiele, more on that later), and even new expansions for Snowdonia, Flashpoint and 7 Wonders.

As always I will be happy to teach any and all of these games, as well as any other games people want to learn, to people who want to play them. And if you’re interested in learning a game, we do lend games out to people to learn or play for a small deposit, so please just ask!

Hope to see you there, Mark


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