Regular Meet – Saturday 5th September – Different Venue

On Saturday 5th September, we will be in the hall at St Chads on Campleshon Road YO23 1EY in York. We’ll run from 9:30am to 10pm and there will be a lot of games to play and lots of fun for all.

We have been to St Chads for our 5th Saturdays in previous months – including just a few days ago! – but this is just a normal meet. No bring-and-buy, no Blue Meeple cafe. Tea and coffee will be available, and you can bring your own food.

There is plenty of parking, if not in the car park then on Campleshon Road.

Stephen Jennison-Smith is looking to play some longer board games:

I still have some longer board games I would like to play at the club. I have managed to play Diplomacy, Apocalypse and Samurai Swords. I still have War, Age of Imperialism, Lord of the Rings Risk, The English Civil War, Kingmaker, Machiavelli and Excalibur to play.

If you’d like to join Stephen on one of these longer games, you can get in touch at


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