Oops! Irregular Meet – Saturday 15th August – Different Location

Oops! The previous message went too early. This one’s for this week…

It’s the month of irregular meets and different locations while the renovation works at the Bar Convent continue on.

On Saturday 15th August, we will be in the hall at St Chads on Campleshon Road YO23 1EY in York. We’ll run from 10am to 10pmish and there will be a lot of games to play and lots of fun for all.

We have been to St Chads for our 5th Saturdays in previous months, but this is just a normal meet – no bring-and-buy, no Blue Meeple cafe. Tea and coffee will be available, and you can bring your own food.

There is plenty of parking, if not in the car park then on Campleshon Road.

We’ll be back at St Chads for a 5th Saturday too…

We’d also like to plus the “Social Sunday” being put on by the Friedrich UK Open Championship organisers at Naburn Station (on the York to Selby cycle path, but also accessible by road):

It is open to all gamers to come along and play any games they would like to bring. There will be a barbecue from 3pm onwards (£5 all in) and drinks available too. It is dependent on the weather in that it will be outdoors, in the picnic area, alongside the cycle path (the best view by far). If the weather isn’t great then there is the covered area. There might be some live music but people can bring CDs etc for if the live music doesn’t happen. Hopefully it will be a party atmosphere as we all await the outcome of the first Friedrich UK Final and discover who has won? Will it be one of our players from BM York? It would be great if people could come and they would be made most welcome.

You can find the event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/923756284347092/


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