Irregular Meet – Friday 7th August – Different Location

This Friday may only be the 1st Friday in August but Beyond Monopoly! is on, albeit in a different venue.

We are meeting at the Priory Street Centre – the same venue we used in June. This is because the main hall in the Bar Convent is now being renovated. We look forward to the conclusion of the renovations and our return to our normal rooms, but in the meantime, we will continue to provide gaming for York as best we can.

As normal, we meet from 5pm until 10pm.

You will be able to take your own food and drink. There will be a vending machine there too to use. The Blue Meeple cafe will be organising coffee and tea.

A reminder of parking at the Priory Street Centre:

  • There are 5 on-street spaces reserved for the Priory Centre in front of the centre itself. The notices say “£5 charge” but this only applies when the centre is open. They are free to us.
  • There are 5 spaces in the centre car park itself (to the right of the centre as you approach). These are labelled ‘disabled’ but the centre assures us that they are only ‘valid’ when the centre is open and we can use them. However it should be worth leaving a couple spare should people with genuine need require parking.
  • The overflow car park is up a slight ramp to the left of the centre and we can use this if required. Overall there are 10-12 available spaces.

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