Regular Meet – Saturday 4th July

We meet as usual this Saturday, 4th July, 2015, in the Bar Convent on Blossom Street in York. We start at 10am and close at 9pm, but you can come and go as you like. If you arrive after 5pm, the front door will be closed, so please call us to be let in – our phone number is 07494131780.

A heads up for later in the month – there won’t be a meeting on Saturday 18th July. We’d also like to apologise for the changes in our schedule and venues recently – we are looking forward to getting back in our regular rooms and back on our regular schedule soon.

There will be a committee meeting on Wednesday 15th July, at 7pm in the Bar Convent. All members are welcome to attend.

And finally, for this slightly longer email this week, we have a plug for a gaming group in Hessle, near Hull – might be of interest for those that travel in to us from the east coast, or are willing to travel a bit for some more gaming:

Hull and District Tabletop Games Club

We play 3 times a week Sundays, 7-10, Mondays and Thursdays 8.30- midnight. We play anything tabletop wise CCG’s, Euro’s, Ameritrash but with a leaning probably towards Euro’s


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