Regular Meet – Friday 27th March – Changes for April – Friedrich UK Open Championships

We meet this Friday 27th March in the Bar Convent on Blossom Street in York. We start at 5pm and close at 9pm, but you can come and go as you like. If you find the front door closed, ring the bell.

Last week I briefly mentioned the Bar Convent part-closure from April – we have confirmed this will not affect the dates and times of our meetings. We will likely be moving to the Bedingfield room, so watch out for information on that, and look for the signs as normal when you arrive at the Bar Convent. Do still watch the blog/twitter/facebook/emails though for any changes.

Some more advance warning – Saturday 11th April is the 3rd International Tabletop Day. That’s the 2nd Saturday, so we’d normally meet on the Friday before; but we’re making a change for this special day, and will be meeting all-day on Tabletop Day. This also makes up for no meeting on Easter weekend.

Those that attend on Saturdays will no doubt have seen some members playing Friedrich (the Seven Years’ War); and if you’ve read the blog, you’ll know some even attended the World Championships. Well, the UK Open Championships are being held in York in 2015:

In the August of 1756 Freidrich the Great of Prussia had to face up to the facts – some of Europe’s greatest powers were all out to get him! Austria, France, Russia and even Sweden were poised to invade. Surely Prussia was doomed to be destroyed? Now some of the finest military minds are gathered at Naburn Station hostel in York to recreate Friedrich’s greatest triumph – the Seven Years War- in boardgame form. There will be a trophy! (Just wait till you see it!) There will be certificates to say you played your part! Fate and chance will both play their part too, but in the end there will only be one victorious! If that sounds like your idea of a good weekend come and join us this August 14th-16th – there will even be non-competition games for those who wish see what all the fuss is about and a BBQ and party on the Sunday! For further details email or check out the website


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