Regular Meet – Friday 23rd January

We meet this Friday 23rd January in the Bar Convent on Blossom Street in York. We start at 5pm and close at 9pm, but you can come and go as you like. If you find the front door closed, ring the bell.

Don’t forget we have our AGM coming up next week, on Wednesday 28th, at the Bar Convent; more details will be provided about the agenda and available roles beforehand.

And something else I’ve failed to mention so far this month – we have a 5th Saturday meeting on the 31st January at St. Chad’s – the same location as our 5th Saturday in August last year. Paul will be running the Blue Meeple cafe again, and there will be a bring & buy. More info on that next week – one thing at a time!

Yikes! More information to impart. Andrew Brown and John McCullough invite entrants to an inaugural Club Friedrich Tournament.  Provided we can get at least 8 players (i.e. 6 more), this will go ahead with games arranged during BM Saturdays between March and mid-September. Each entrant will play 4 games, i.e one each in the roles of Friedrich (Prussia/Hannover), Maria Theresa (Austria/Imperial Army), Elisabeth (Russia/Sweden) & Mme Pompadour (France).  The 4 highest scorers will then play a final.  To enter please contact John McCullough (, 01904 628223) or see him at the AGM or BM! on the 31st.  Entries close on 31 January.

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