No regular meeting this weekend

That’s right, due to Christmas, the Bar Convent is closed, so we won’t be meeting this weekend. Our break is nearly over – we’ll be back on Friday 9th January.

We’re still asking for your suggestions for new games to buy for our 10th birthday next year. We have set up a list on boardgamegeek for suggestions: – take a look, and see what else you’d like to suggest. If you’re not comfortable adding things on boardgamegeek, you can email, tweet, reply, or even let people know in person, and one of the organisers will add on your behalf. For reference, we have the list of games we already own at (thanks again to Mark for compiling this).

2 thoughts on “No regular meeting this weekend

    • BMYork says:


      You can sign up with your new address at the top-right of the page; and can unsubscribe from the emails from your old address. I can’t do it for you I’m afraid.

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