The 9th Friedrich World Championship – Report

Andrew and John went to Berlin at the beginning of October to compete in the 9th Friedrich World Championship. Andrew has kindly written up a report from the weekend.

Don’t mention the 7 years war!

Regular readers of this blog will know that I and John McCullough went to play in the Friedrich World Championship in Berlin. This year’s competition took place in Castle Friedrichsfelde, an exquisite baroque palace set in the grounds of Berlin Zoo. It’s quite something to gaze out of the windows and see tourists and pelicans wandering around the palace gardens!

The game of Friedrich covers the European theatre of the famous 7 years war. It concerns itself with Friedrich the Great’s defence of Prussia against the massed hordes of Russians, Swedes, Austrians, French and the indefatigable Prince Josef von Saxe-Hildburghausen. The attackers have a set number of objectives to capture before the fickle finger of fate eliminates them from the game. Friedrich’s role is one of survival – a very had task when you have 3 other tough players doing everything they can to catch you out. The combat system in Friedrich involves the use of cards which are very similar to traditional playing cards and a map split into numerous grid squares each of those squares having one suit symbol in it. Therefore just like the generals of of the Seven Years war players must carefully choose the battlegrounds based on the resources they have available and the position of the enemy. When I play I always feel like a general commanding his troops!

The competition was very tense. Fortunately game designer Richard Sivél was on hand to organise everything and act as umpire. Players came from Germany, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, UK and U.S.A. and everyone tried their best. John and I both won one game each, but most excitingly of all I won Der Faire Ehrensvärd award for fair play and good sportsmanship.

Pictures attached (ths man in the mirror is Richard Sivél, the bronze bust is of Friedrich himself)

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