7 Wonders Tournament Results

The 7 Wonders tournament yesterday was a great success, with 20 players playing 5 games across 4 tables. Each round used the same wonders and guilds across the tables to keep everything even.

The top 3 all had three victories and one last place, and were split by their other result; Mark Stockton-Pitt won with a 2nd place in round 4; Fiona Jackson came 2nd overall with a 3rd place in round 5; and Jim Marshall came 3rd overall with a 4th place in round 1. 4th, 5th and 6th were tied, only 2 points behind 3rd.

We also handed out awards for the different scoring categories. Our Greatest General was Keith Pottage, with the most points for military over the tournament. Alex Green took the Wealthiest Banker award, Mike Ramsey was our Biggest Cultural Icon, and Ben Drake was the Canniest Merchant. The overall winner Mark was also the Most Ingenious Scientist, and 2nd place Fiona took the Most Influential Guildsmaster award.

In total game points over the tournament, Fiona took top spot; Mark only placed 4th, and Jim 8th. Danny Walker only finished 12th overall but was 2nd in the overall points list – some games were very high scoring, with three players recording scores over 70. Mike Ramsey scored 60 in round 1, yet finished 3rd on his table.

Thank you to everyone who participated!


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