The 9th Friedrich World Championship

The 7-years’ war, in the middle of the 18th Century, has a valid claim to be the first truly world war, with action in the Americas, India and West Africa.  But it was in Europe where the mightiest armies fought, cities were besieged and a million people lost their lives.  And in the middle of all this was Old Fritz himself, the King of Prussia Friedrich der Grosse.  Regular visitors to BM! might have seen players hunched over boards replaying the action, intrigue and diplomacy of the time that is the classic Histogame board game, Friedrich.

It so happens that our very own Andrew Brown and John McCullough are off to Berlin this weekend to carry the Union flag in the World Friedrich championship which is being held in the (literally) palatial surroundings of the Great Hall in Castle Friedrichsfelde.  It’s not their first time and it’s a very good thing indeed that gamers from many different countries can come together to play games in this way. They go with our good wishes and Andrew promises to keep us updated and send back a report on his and John’s time in Germany.

You can see more of the wonderful surroundings and follow news of the tournament on the Histogame website.

Good luck to Andrew and John from all of us.  Hope you have a great time in Berlin.

(For those of you who don’t know the game I’ll let Andrew explain the rules:  One player takes Friedrich himself. A second player takes Russia and Sweden, a third player Austria and the Holy Roman Empire (which as Voltaire pointed out is neither Holy, Roman nor an Empire) and the forth player takes France. Russia, Sweden, Austria, the Empire and France all have a set number of objectives to conquer before fate intervenes and knocks them out of the game whilst Friedrich just has to stop them. For the Friedrich player it’s rather like the circus act with the spinning plates, one may be spinning nicely but over on the other side another plate is about to fall.)


3 thoughts on “The 9th Friedrich World Championship

  1. janet mccullough says:

    Thanks for the send off!

    In a future blog could you say I’m looking for a player or players who are interested in playing games midweek during daytime hours, especially during the winter. Anyone interested please contact me at



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