BM! needs you!

Beyond Monopoly! is York’s biggest and friendliest games club. For the past 9-and-a-half years hundreds of people have enjoyed finding out about modern boardgames, playing the classics, meeting new people and having a good time doing it.

And that’s not going to change any time soon.

However we need help to do this. Since Jon and Robert have left to pursue other things in life we are looking to make BM! a truly inclusive and democratic club and continue the great work that they did. But we need help –

  • Help with the meeting organisation, room access and money collection
  • Help greeting people, making newcomers feel welcome and explaining a little about what we do
  • Help looking after the games collection and buying and selling games to make sure that we have a broad and popular selection at meetings
  • Help publicising the meetings, creating blog content and communicating with other people and organisations
  • Help organising special gaming sessions, tournaments and other events and generally help spreading the word about BM! and the board gaming hobby around our city and beyond.

In short, can you help us by becoming a BM! organiser?

We are not asking for attendance at every meeting and we are not asking for large portions of your free time – just a little help to shape BM! and having a say in how the club is run as we enter our 11th year.

If you would like to join us we would love to hear from you. Either use our contact form or see one of the current organisers (Paul, Jim, Rick and Michael) at any meeting.


One thought on “BM! needs you!

  1. a_r_brown_esq says:

    I’d like to help by welcoming new people and trying to help them have a fun time (and hopefully they’ll come back too!). 


    Sent from Samsung MobileBeyond Monopoly! wrote:

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