7 wonders prize tournament – saturday 4th october 2014

We are having another unofficial 7 Wonders prize tournament on Saturday 4th October 2014 in the Bedingfield room at the Bar Convent on Blossom Street in York. After registration from 10am, we will start round one at 10.45am and play three rounds, and then break for lunch and then play two more to make a total of um five games and then we’ll have prizes. We expect to be finished by 3pm.

You MUST be able to play 7 Wonders before starting the tournament. We will not be teaching the game on the morning. If you want to learn and practise, get in to the club. In everything, the organisers’ decision is final. DUN DUN DURRRR!

There are five tables, so the limit is 35 places. This time, we shall charge a £2 fee on the day, or £1 fee if you pay in advance to secure a place. If you register an interest but do not pay in advance, you will not have secured a place and will have to pay £2 on the day. All fees are non-refundable unless we cannot seat you, due to the need to balance the player numbers.

The tournament will run as before, with players moving up and down tables according to their results derived from their scores and placing. We’ve got a better spreadsheet this time (thanks Rick!), so the admin should be swifter. We’re going to time out a match at 30 minutes this time. As before, if a game is not completed in time all players score 7 points, unless the 6 on the table agree that one individual deliberately slowed the game down, in which case that individual scores 8 points and everyone else on the table scores 4 points. You’ll be starting on your A wonder, then switching to your B wonder and so on. And as before, if you meant to build something and can’t afford it, tough, you don’t get a gold instead.

But we do need to borrow at least 4 copies of the game. To be sure, we’d want them in the club well before the 4th AND PUT YOUR NAME INSIDE. Write you name clearly on a piece of paper and put it in the game box. So we know who’s copy we are returning to whom.

For prizes, we have a small selection of lovely games in shrink to pick from. We don’t have our certificates made yet but we’ll get them done.

As always, normal club behaviour applies. You’ll be paying your normal club attendance on top of the tournament fee, unless it’s your first visit to BM!, which is always free. Remember, we have access to private parking, so ask.

Did we miss anything…?


2 thoughts on “7 wonders prize tournament – saturday 4th october 2014

  1. jim.marshall@tinyonline.co.uk says:

    Hi Jon

    I’m in for the 7W tourney, and can provide a copy of the game.

    I’m off cycling in France over the next couple of weekends and then have to ship Abbie to Uni at Bangor, so it’s likely to be a few weeks before I’m in at BM!

    I know a few people that may be interested in 7W outside the club, so if we’re short of numbers let me know and I’ll email out. Can’t guarantee they’ll come along, but can spread the word.




    • BMYork says:

      Spread the word anyway. We’ll be doing a bit more to promote the event this year. I’m hoping to have all 35 seats filled and turn people away at the door!!

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