gordon in guiseley – 5th weekend august 2014

You know Gordon, right? Gordon! You know Gordon! Gordon Aicken. Gordon. Anyway, Gordon is hosting a weekend of gaming at his home in Guiseley just outside of Leeds. Starting on the Friday afternoon, 29th August 2014, and ending on the Sunday afternoon, 31st August 2014, Gordon invites you to come and play all sorts of games all weekend. From the lighter Euros to the heavier games, Gordon is happy to host you. Drop him an email for more details rgordona@gmx.co.uk

Bring some games, bring some food, bring a sleeping bag, you’re welcome to stop overnight and if you camp, you can camp in the garden. Go and have some fun.

And if you’re very good, Gordon will introduce you to Sooty.

3 thoughts on “gordon in guiseley – 5th weekend august 2014

    • BMYork says:

      It’s complimentary. It’s a nice thing for Leeds gamers who don’t want to come over to York, easier to get to and stay over. It runs over the weekend and is domestic. There’s more chance to play very long games. It’s just a nice alternative choice for people. We’ve got our thing on the same Saturday, it’s good that there’s more gaming on 5th Saturdays.

  1. Chris Burgess says:

    Hi Jon, is Gordon aware that there is a local gaming group around the corner from him?
    Otley Board Gamers – Mondays, 18:30, Yew Tree, Otley (Free food!)

    I’ve shared this post into our gaming group also, so i am sure some of us will pop along!

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