regular meet – saturday 16th august 2014

We meet as normal on Saturday 16th August 2014 in the Bar Convent on Blossom Street in the centre of York. We start at 10am and end at 9pm and you can stay all day or come and go if you like. If it’s your first visit, the whole day is FREE!

Following our game demo at MythCon last week, we’ve got a surprise. Waterstones in York have agreed to give club members a 10% discount on games and games related products in their York branch (excluding existing offers and items already discounted). Games means the specialist adult games and family games only (not the younger children’s games). Games related products means non-book items directly associated with a specific game or game format, so things like deck protectors, deck boxes, expansion packs and so on. As always, it’s their choice when a discount applies, not yours.

Usual terms apply, your card needs to be stamped and validated for the current Quarter. You have to be nice. If they decline to give a discount, do not argue. It’s a discount privilege, not a right. You can find the lovely new Waterstones store on Coney Street and they have our kind of games there. Go and have a butchers!

And remember, as a special treat, we’re doing something on the 5th Saturday…


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