Ticket To Ride World Championship 2014 – york regional sunday 13th april 2014

8th April 2014: UPDATED INFORMATION HERE. Go to the new posting to be sure of what is happening.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ticket To Ride, the publisher Days Of Wonder is sponsoring another World Championship tournament. In the UK, York is one of the regional events being run by Travelling Man. And we’ve been asked to help run the event, as we did before in 2010.

The winner of the York event goes to the UK National event at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham, on Sunday 1st June 2014. Travel and accommodation there are paid for the winner. And the UK winner goes through to a World final in Paris in September 2014, with a pretty sweet prize.

The York event is on Sunday 13th April 2014. That much is definite. We have a large room in the Railway Institute for the day. Yes, back to our old friends, just a few metres from the station in York. We will be in Room 3 on the top floor of the main building. yes, you can bring your own lunch. We do have a venue very close to the railway station (not the Bar Convent) but we’re not saying where yet because of reasons. And we don’t have an exact schedule yet, also because. But it will roughly by 10am to 4pm, probably much less.

If you want to enter, contact Travelling Man, specifically steve@travellingman.com and pass on your details. Entry is FREE. Apologies, but there is a £5 entry fee to cover expenses. Sorry for giving the wrong information previously. You’ll play three matches, TTR, TTR Europe and another map. The sooner you sign up, the better. You’ll be told the exact details as soon as we have them sorted. Places will be limited, so make a decision and get signed up quickly.

The tourny we ran in 2010 was a blast, great fun and a very close contest. All the photos are on another disc drive… but you’ll have a fun time even if you don’t succeed.


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