not this friday and other bobs

Just to remind you, we are still on this stupid calendar thing where our Friday and Saturday meetings are running together. So we do NOT meet this Friday but will meet next Friday and Saturday. Then it all goes back to normal until April. In April we cannot meet on the 19th as planned, so that Saturday meet has moved to the 26th April. Which is after the Friday oh go look at the calendar. There’s a calendar on the front page of the blog.

So there’s lots of bits and bobs to tell you.

Somebody left a black hat a few weeks back, in January. Mikko swears it’s not his but it looks like his. Anyway, if it’s yours, claim it or it goes to a charity shop.

Somebody is selling off some very nice Go stuff. Top quality, half price. 1x Cedar wood board. 2x Shin Kaya bowls. Jitsuyo slate and clamshell stones. Mint condition except for a dent in the board. Retail was £712, yours for £300. Delivery in Yorkshire is no problem. Apply within if you’re interested.

We often get asked to help promote new games from fledgling designers. If you want to bring your prototype or finished game to the club to playtest or plug it, that’s fine. But please don’t send anything and ask us to do your work. We just don’t have the resources. Thanks for the offers, but unless you have someone local to do the work for you, we cannot.

We are very pleased to see more public game groups starting in the region. We don’t do enough to plug other groups in our area, so here’s a few:
Off and running, a new group in Scarborough Let My Meeples Go. We’re sure many of you remember Paul Abell and Charlotte Guy. They’ve started this club to run on the 1st Saturday each month. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for details.

Trying to start up, a new club in Ilkley is looking for a venue. If you’re in the area, get in touch and show some support. You only need a few regulars to start a club and then people find you.

There’s an informal group in Otley every week, every Monday evening from 6:30pm at The Fleece Pub, Westgate, Otley, LS21 3DT now moved to Yew Tree Inn, Newall Carr Rd, Otley, LS21 2AU.

Leeds is of course well served. The biggest club is probably the Headingley Games Club. They’re doing a lot more eurogames lately, but none of our lot seems to go there.

Then there’s the Leeds Meeples who often meet in the Victoria Hotel in central Leeds. Typically on an evening or a Sunday afternoon, but check with them for details. There’s another regular Leeds group that meets in a pub that Robert knows, so ask him.

Farther afield, there’s a nice group in Durham and if you really fancy a walk on the wild side… well…. Worth a mention too, the Newcastle Playtest group will help you playtest your new game design.

There’s some more news coming up in the next few days but that’s all for now. See you a week Friday.


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