there will be cake – saturday 15th february 2014

9 years ago, we set up a few tables in Vapnartak to show people German games as we called them then. We made a sign and called our display “Beyond Monopoly!“. People wanted to buy the games, but we weren’t a shop. People wanted to join our club, but we weren’t a club. We fixed the second problem by taking their details and becoming a club. We had our first meeting at Guppys on Nunnery Lane a week later and grew from there.

9 years later, we are celebrating our 9th birthday on Saturday 15th February 2014 with our regular meeting at the Bar Convent on Blossom Street in York, from 10am to 9pm. The meeting is FREE. The cake is FREE. Yes, as if going to a wonderful boardgame club for free wasn’t enough, you get free cake too. (Please do NOT bring cakes as in previous years, we’re sticking to the “no outside food or drink” rule).

We hope you will all make a point of dropping in some time on Saturday. Some people come to every meeting, some come once every few years. However frequently you visit, knowing that we’re fondly remembered warms our cardboard hearts.

Please thank our organisers, the official ones Robert, Jim, Michael and Paul for making it a happy home, and the many unofficial ones who do lots of little favours for the club, transporting, printing, demoing, coaching, greeting, donating and more. We had two difficult re-locations in one year, and it was very gratifying how many people turned out to lump stuff around for us twice.

Plans for the future? This coming year, we hope to do a public demo for York Libraries’ Big City Read. We want to run our 7 Wonders tournament again, and some members are planning a three day Friedrich Championship. And we might just might get back to Essen again.

Please do come on Saturday and play our games.


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