regular meet – friday 24th january 2014

We’re starting the year on more record breaking highs. Last Saturday we had 57 people in the day. Our highest evar was 58 and we had 57 a few months ago too. So it’s looking like we’ll crack 60 sometime soon. Which is, of course, a problem! We have 9 tables in our two rooms, 9 into 60 doesn’t go. So we’re looking at more options for spilling over.

Another record, our blog took a huge hit last week, following a small burst on national radio. Ahem.

Some hits.

Some hits.

We meet as normal on this Friday 24th January 2014 from 5pm to 9pm at the Bar Convent on Blossom Street in York. Anytime you find the front door closed, just ring the bell and you’ll be admitted.

And in February, we celebrate our 9th birthday. Happy days!

We played so many games on Saturday, it’s amazing how much variety we get through. Basari got played twice, and new game Gluck Auf was played three times. A game of Civilisation was completed in the day! And a naughty novice won in Nuns On The Run.


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