urgent Friedrich news – important

Due to a clerical over-sight, an important message should have been included in the club reminder this week. We apologise for the mistake and insist you pay attention to the following information.

Britain’s crack Friedrich team are once again offering you the chance to learn a richly rewarding game by playing just a partial session on Saturday. The game is Friedrich. The team is led by John and Andrew. Strictly, that should be Andrew and John because Andrew’s been playing it a lot longer than John, but Andrew and John sounds like a Gentleman’s Outfitters. The teaching takes about 15 minutes. The game normally takes gulp 4-5 hours yup that’s 4-5 hours normally, but they’re happy to just show you the ropes and play for an hour or two till you get the feel of it. It is an elegant game, an asymmetrical mix of wargame and boardgame focussed on card play and a myriad of tactical decisions and strategies. It is highly rated on BGG, ranks #201 out of 68,000 games, even Hugo gives it 8!

John and Andrew will be playing this Saturday meet and on the 3rd Saturday too, from 1100 hours, or 11am, whichever is earlier. If you want to give it a go, either to learn from scratch or brush up on your technique, please email John directly jjj_mccullough@yahoo.co.uk.

Can we also urge you to try King Of Siam by the same publisher at some point? Like Friedrich, it’s in our club collection.


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