statistical thoughts on 2013 – we grew some

We keep brutal records of attendance which grants the opportunity of highly complex, detailed analysis leading to no well we’ve done some sums on a bit of scrap. Here goes.

We had 24 Saturday meetings and 23 evening meetings this year, compared to 24 and 24 last year. Total attendance this year was 1350, last year 1305 (including 14 in the final evening missed this year). This gives us an increase of 3% attendance in 2013, and that’s on continuous year-on-year growth. Not as much growth as previously, but still growth.

Comparing like with like, we had 9 record Saturdays (9 of 24) and 3 tied, so we could say we had 12 of 24 record Saturdays this year. Our highest day was 57 this year (our highest ever in 8 years was 58).

Evenings were better, with 14 of 23 being record meetings, so is that where the growth has come?

We had a total of 103 new visitors. Of those, 51 came back at least once, and of them, 37 returned more than once. So our conversion rate is staying up around 35%. And there were 18 absentees who returned at least once, having been away more than a year. Interesting to note that we attracted many foreigners this year, in York for different reasons, but all looking for a gaming group.

It is worth mentioning that our Saturday attendance was nose-diving after the switch of rooms in the RI, and took a while to recover after we moved to the Bar Convent in April. Our Saturdays only really started picking up in July and August, and stayed up through the 4th Quarter. Hopefully, the increase will continue into 2014, and we’ll be set for a new record.

There are some small things we can do to improve, but there comes a point when we become too successful. We can only seat so many people comfortably in two rooms. But we can spill into the main hall, and getting 50 people in regularly is within reach.

Thank you to our organisers; Robert collecting the revenue, Jim officiating, Paul supervising, and Micheal who saw us safely into our new berth. Please take time to thank them personally when you’re next in. There’s a lot more goes on behind the scenes than you see.

Finally, thank you for coming in. Thank you for bringing your friends and family in. And thank you for Tweeting and Facebooking your photos. You’d be surprised how much that matters.

See you next year!

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