regular meet – saturday 21st december 2013 – irregular circumstances


We would have been meeting as normal this Saturday 21st December 2013 in the Bar Convent on Blossom Street in York from 10am.

However, the Bar Convent completely closes down from December 20 to January 3rd. Which means that we cannot hold our normal meeting.

However, through the very kind generosity of the management in the Bar Convent and the wonderful ministrations of our very own Michael, we’re having a lock in!!! We’ve been given very special permission to hold a private meet this Saturday after all. Under the circumstances, if you’ve not been before, this isn’t the best day for your first visit. For any regulars, get in!

(Yes, the 4th Friday meet is cancelled. You can’t have everything, be grateful for what you’ve got.)

There are some conditions that will apply:

1. Since the building is completely closed, and it’s a residence, you must NOT ring the door bell. We shall be attending the front door ourselves. We suggest you contact us now for an organiser’s mobile number if you cannot get in. If you already know an organiser’s number, use that. Do NOT phone any of the Bar Convent numbers, there’ll be no-one to answer and you’ll just be a nuisance.

2. The cafe is closed. There are no cleaners. On this occasion, and on this occasion only, you may bring sandwiches or similar. We shall have a kettle going. We must clean up after ourselves, so don’t bring anything messy. You will be able to go out for hot food.

3. We close at 8pm. We’ll be opening at 10am as normal but closing a little earlier to allow Michael to go home at a reasonable time. The parking facilities should be available shortly before 10am. We’ll have access to our games cupboard but we’ll be using the large hall, not our normal rooms. It would be nice if some people stayed to end to help clear up and pack away.

4. It’s a free day. We’ve had a wonderful year. After a sudden transition to a new venue, our club is booming, numbers are way up (already more than last year in total). Our club collection grows and grows, and is much more suited to our needs. We ran a successful prize tournament for the first time, and we will make that an annual event. We’ve had fantastic support from York media all year, especially LocalLink and BBC Radio York. We are very very happy and we want you to join us. So it’s free entry for all (as normal, if you ask how much, it’s £5).

5. Please thank Michael for helping make this possible.

See you on Saturday after all!


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