we do NOT meet this 5th saturday

It happens that November 2013 has five Saturdays. Some folk, mad fools that they are, imagine we meet every other Saturday. But we don’t. Only on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays. So our next meeting is Saturday 7th December 2013 from 10am.

That’s all. Please go about your business.

Note to self: Things To Do

We need to clear out more old games, just to make room. We don’t need to make any money off them, but we really need the space. Maybe a Bring & Buy sale in the club would be good. Or sell them off through eBay. Next Action, find a seller to take the surplus off our hands.

We need to get our club accounts audited. They’ve not been done for over two years. It’s all above board, but getting a proper audit is important. So we need someone with proper accountancy skills willing to work on them for free or a low charge. Next Action, find an accountant.

We want to move from paperwork to using a Tablet. Automating many tasks will make the organising on the day much easier, and it gives potential for more benefits. Next Action, find a project manager to resolve the tasks.


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