swapping penguins pronto

Do you remember when some kid would phone in to the Multicoloured Swapshop and tell Noel that they had an Action Man with no head and one leg, and a jigsaw puzzle with some pieces missing, and some copies of the Beano with a few pages torn out to swap and in return they’d like a brand new deLuxe Scalextrix set delivered to their house please? And Noel would roll his eyes to the lighting above and the camera crew would all snicker quietly.

How times change. Now we have someone with a deLuxe Scalextrix willing to swap for something lesser. Well, it’s not Scalextrix, but it is the deLuxe edition of Hey! That’s My Fish!. Dan was so enamoured with playing it a while back, he bought a copy off eBay to bring to school. But he thought he was buying the small edition, and is actually miffed. It has to be small for ease of carriage.

So Dan is asking to swap his deLuxe edition with delightful penguin figurines for your small, basic, wood edition. And he’ll throw in a pint or similar to sweeten the deal! He’s promised his chums at school the game this Friday, so unless you get in soonest, you’ll be getting an opened, clean, gently used copy. But basically, you get an upgrade and do a good turn.

Get in touch by the usual methods (bmyork@gmail.com) and claim your deLuxe penguins.

UPDATE: Dan is actually a teacher at the school, not a pupil, and wants to get the children playing modern games! So you’ll be directly influencing a new generation through the medium of Dan.

In fact, we have a number of teachers in the club who play games with their charges at lunchtimes, and if you do have games to donate, they’d be interested.


2 thoughts on “swapping penguins pronto

  1. Dan says:

    Ah, I’m afraid this message has been lost slightly in translation. The modern FF version of HTMF comes in two versions, the small box and the large box version. The only difference between the two is the size of the box; the components are (the internet assures me) identical – both have the same sized hexes and the same plastic penguins. So it’s not actually the Deluxe edition that I have, it’s only the normal edition in the large box, and it’s not the original wood edition that I’m after, it’s just the normal edition in the small box. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. Dan says:

    Additionally, since what I’m not offering is not an upgrade, merely the same thing in a larger (and newer) box, I will also sweeten the deal by offering a small fee, of the order of a pint of beer, a box of chocolates or something like that.

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