congratulations to Isabel and Mason

We are very pleased that our dear friend Mason is tying the knot with his sweetheart Isabel in Los Angeles today. Well, more like Pasadena than L.A. but no matter. Whilst being a very happy occasion for them, it’s even better for us. For once they’re spliced, they’ll be hopping over the pond to jolly ol’ Blighty* to join us for a year. Lots of you already know Mason from his previous visits. Isabel is a keen gamer too, and we’ll be very happy to welcome her to our fold. And for them that’s not met the couple yet, you’ll be making two great new friends.

The wedding should prove a ghastly affair. They’re getting married on Hallowe’en and everyone is dressing appropriately. For Americans, that is.

So it’s grats to our friends, hope it all goes to plan, and we’re waiting to see you here again soon.

*Was trying to lever in “U.S. Of Stateside” too but that was a cliché too far.


One thought on “congratulations to Isabel and Mason

  1. rourman says:

    Thank you so much for remembering that today is our big day, and thinking of us – we’re really touched!

    We’re looking extremely forward to coming out there and spending time in England, especially the opportunity to play games, spend time with our friends, and meet new people (what better way than at the Friendliest Boardgame Club in York, and, in my opinion, all of Britain!).

    Our wedding decor will, by the way, include the tables being sprinkled with meeples!

    Thanks again for thinking of us today – and we’ll be seeing you quite soon!

    Much love,
    Mason and Isabel Rourman

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