regular meet – saturday 2nd november 2013 from 10am

With the space time continuum returning to normal, it’s with great satisfaction that we approach Saturday 2nd November 2013 in full knowledge that it’s a BM! day. YAAAAY!

On our last Saturday meet, we had a total of 57 people in. Our highest ever total in 8 years was 58, so getting so close to an all-time high is really exciting. If you make a point of coming this Saturday, we could crack 60! Which would be both amazing and a wonderful reward.

Please join us from from 10am to 9pm at the Bar Convent on Blossom St in York. Stay as long or little as you like. Enjoy your 10% discount in the cafe. If you’ve not been before, you’re missing out on a great social club in the centre of York. Just drop in and give us a try, you’ll be hooked.

Plus, we’ll have some more games in the club collection, brought back from Essen by our kind minions Janet and Mark. They’ve scored a copy of Attika for the club, which we’re very pleased to get at last. They also got us a traitor game Nosferatu which will be Robert’s new delight. Other members will have been (in secret) so we hope to see some new stuff from Essen.

And with so many new games coming in, we’re going to have another cull clear out sale. We’ve got to make room, so if you want a game to stay, pull it out and get it played. Otherwise, it could be for the chop.

Let’s see everyone out on Saturday. No excuses!


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