if you go down to the woods tonight…

One of our kind friends has organised something frightful with you in mind. On two evenings, Thursday 31st October and Friday 1st November 2013, you can take part in a zombie adventure over at Skelton Grange Environment Centre in South Leeds. Not suitable children under 10! It’s that scary. Well, it should scare the kids but adults will still enjoy an unfolding mystery, and stumbling around outside in the dark is always spooky (make sure you bring at least one torch and dress appropriately for being out at night).

The adventure has been arranged by Chris Barnard, and some of you will have played a few of his own mystery games before. Tickets are on sale now for £10, proceeds to a charity, and you must book a start time between 6pm and 8.15pm, with the adventure taking about one hour. At the end, you even get a choice of hot snack (although it could be braaaiiiinnsss). Chris says that it’s a proper adventure with a plot you figure out as you interact with the actors. So it’s not just scary tableaux or people going BOO!

You need to go to their website and make your booking. You need to arrive at least 10 minutes before your start time. And you need to ignore your SatNav and Googlemaps and look at this here on how to find your way there.

It’s in the trees, it’s coming…!


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