regular meet – friday 11th october 2013 from 5pm

Hello hello hello. What’s going on here then? I was proceeding in a westerly direction m’Lud when I noticed a group of people having fun on Friday afternoon. They were playing modern boardgames that are actually interesting and enjoyable, and none of them were crying or a-fighting. I ascertained that it was a very friendly social club named, ahem, checks notebook, Beyond Monopoly! with an !. Upon realising there was nothing I could to stop them, I left them alone and proceeded on me way. Cough. That’s the end of me statement m’Lud.

Yes, join our gang of ne’er-do-wells, gadabouts and social butterflies roustabouting in the Bar Convent on Blossom St, York, from 5pm. You’ll be very welcome with us, we’re definitely York’s friendliest boardgame club.

On Saturday, our club was graced with the presence of young Martin Wallace, who’s got some peachy ideas for new games. He was playtesting some with BM! to see how well they going over. One is sooper sekret and we cannot say what we know even though we know. The other two were also very interesting, one being a sort of fantasy wargame, the other being a sort of anthropomorphic game, developed on ideas about New Zealand’s history. It was called Moa, and players took on the roles of birds, competing with invasive species like dogs and rats, whilst also doing the dirty on each other. Martin also had some casts of playing figures to be used in upcoming games.


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