regular meet – saturday 5th october 2013 – now with added Martin Wallace

We’ve taken the best bits from Beyond Monopoly!, boiled them down, distilled all the goodness and improved the new traditional recipe by adding in some extra special ingredients such as freshly plucked Martin Wallace. We only use the tips of Martin Wallace and foil-wrap him in the field, store him in a nitrogen-rich warehouse for two years and only bring him out to maximise our profits let him play-test his new game designs. But wait, you cry, surely he emigrated to New Zealand just a few short months ago? What’s he doing back here in ol’ Blighty by jingo? Well, either he’s developed a shocking allergy to sheep, or he needs the staggeringly stupendous raw talent and expertise that only Beyond Monopoly! members can offer in order to polish off his next masterwork.

We meet this Saturday 5th October 2013 from 10am at the Bar Convent on Blossom Street in York. We’re joined by Martin Wallace, who’ll be play-testing three games; “One is my take on New Zealand history, but with an odd slant to it. The second is a more traditional fantasy wargame, but with interesting bits. The third is DD meets CB in a V******* version of A*****.” Get in early because you’ll miss him if you’re late.

By the way, our last Saturday meet, with our wonderful prize tournament, was our biggest of the year to date, with 50 people in the day. FIFTY! This Saturday last year was our biggest day evar with 58 people in. Can we top that? We can if you make a point of getting in. Please!


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