we gave out some prizes! results of our 7 Wonders tournament

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Our 7 Wonders tournament went off very well last Saturday. We had 18 players over three tables, and they played very very quickly. We learnt a lot from organising and running the event and we’ll definitely run another one next year. Much thanks to all our helpers, Chris lent his laptop (and Judith lent us a spare), Paul made sure they played correctly, Travelling Man helped with the prizes, several people loaned their copies of the game, and the staff in the Bar Convent were very helpful all day. And our absent friend Tony did most of the preparations for the tourny, and then went on holiday and missed it all!

We played four rounds in a Swiss format, so the winning players moved to play each other, making a balanced contest. What was interesting was the way players moved between tables, with early winners dropping off the top table, and late bloomers jumping forward for the last game. The first two matches were very chatty affairs, with lots of joking around. But after lunch, the third game was played in studious silence! They really got serious and wanted to get onto table 1 for the final match. Sadly for Rick, a quick early win was followed by heavy drops, and while Jane kept her spot on table 1, her early promise faded on the stretch. Jim pulled back a bad start, but without a win, he was on table 2 at the end.

Our Military leader was Gordon, CJ and Mark Adams were both the most Civic and Commercial minded. The Wonders were steadily scored by most players, but again CJ topped the league. Joshua was best on Guilds, and Danny stormed away with Science, double the points of the next best players. So CJ did very well in most categories, but didn’t finish high enough in the games.

We had some little table prizes and very nice certificates produced by Tony to hand out at the end, and four Travelling Man gift cards as the main prizes. Graham Guy walked off with a £10 prize for scoring the Most Points in the tournament. In third place, well it was a tie which YEL broke with some justified stats, giving it to Rob Cordukes with a £20 prize, beating out Dave McDermid. By random chance, Rob played Halicarnassus in all four matches, which we judged to be harder than Dave’s mix of Wonders. Both Dave and Rob blew their first games, but two wins got them on the top table and they tied on 9 pts at the finish.

Second place went to Dan Leonard, who left his decision to enter quite late, but waltzed off with the £40 prize after a win, a 2nd and two 3rds. And in first place, the winner of the Beyond Monopoly! 7 Wonders Tournament 2013 was… Danny Walker. Well done Danny, with two wins and a 2nd and 3rd, he deservedly got the top prize of a £60 Travelling Man gift card. In fact, the Walker family did very well in the tourny, and this was their first visit to the club.

Next time, we’ll do things very much the same, but some little changes. Very likely be 7 Wonders again. Maybe make the pre-entry £1, and £2 on the day. We’ll shorten the timetable and have maybe 5 or 6 matches. The scoring data will be easier to enter and the tie-breaker more obvious. And we’ll do a lot more to promote it outside the club, with a much longer lead up. But all things considered, we think it was a resounding success. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and we had very few problems. It played out fairly and we were very happy with the turn out and game play. Thank you for everyone who competed. Roll on 2014!


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