our chaps are popping over to Berlin

The publisher Histogames has a small but excellent catalogue. One of their games is Friedrich, a mix of card play and strategic moves, with players trying to achieve their own goals. The game has been championed in the club by Andrew, who’s got several people playing it enough to buy their own copies. Andrew has been going to Berlin each year to compete in Histogames’ world masters tournament. This year he’s going again to compete in the 8th tournament and we very pleased that two more BM! players are going with him.

Mike and John have been practising the game with Andrew for months, trying out different tactics and going over the possible responses. And both in and out of the club, other players have been supporting them, taking on the extra player positions to give the trio a real test.

So this weekend, all three are hopping in a crate, popping over to Berlin, and showing those continental types how to play it properly. We’ll be cheering them on as they secure 1st, 2nd and 3rd places! Wish them luck, although they don’t need it. And Histogames is letting us have a couple of games to add to our collection too.

Of course, if they fail, they’ll have their trusty service revolver and will be doing the decent thing.

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