regular meet irregular place – saturday 7th september 2013 from 10am

We meet at the normal time but in an unnormal place. Saturday 7th September 2013 from 10am to 9pm but we’ll need to wrap up sooner. We will not be in the Bar Convent this Saturday. Instead, and do pay attention, we will be in St Bede’s Centre at 21 Blossom St, York. Yup, that’s just a step away down from the blue door. We’ve got a room upstairs in St Bede’s for the day while our normal home is occupied elsewhere.

That means we’ll have to hoof over a load of our games in the morning, and put them back in the evening. So it would be nice if some folk would turn up on time in the Aspinal to help shift our stuff. And it would be nice if some folk would stay till the end to help shift them back.

Otherwise, it’s all the same. Same parking spot, same terms, same rule on food and drink. Also, same fun and jollity, same wonderful friendly company, same happy days are yours and mine oh happy days.

Oh yes, there’s one more thing that’s normal. We buy games. There’ll be a load more on Saturday, obtained via our good friend Mason who’s fled these shores once again. See what we got…

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3 thoughts on “regular meet irregular place – saturday 7th september 2013 from 10am

  1. Red Celery says:


    Thanks for the invitation. You have a number of games that really appeal to me!

    I am seeking comments about Guv’nor – The Dartmoor Prison Story

    I attach a link and hope that someone might be able to offer some advice, improvement and support before I attempt to launch it.

    many thanks


    • BMYork says:

      Hello Barry,

      The previous link was just to log in to KS, so the comment was deleted. The links above worked.

      You’re welcome to bring your game to BM! to playtest, but you’d be better off coming to the club if you’re local for a few visits, so you’ll be able to put any criticism into context. Try getting in touch with Playtest London or the new playtest group in Newcastle You’ll get better advice as they are focused on developing games to publication.

      You should also register on (free to register, pay to advertise) and use the design forums there for advice and suggestions.

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