regular meet – saturday 17th august 2013 from 10am

In you case you missed it, our unofficial 7 Wonders tournament with real prizes will be on Saturday 21st September 2013 from 10am. Read all the details here. Yes, we know it clashes with this and that, but there we are. Whatever date we choose, will clash with something else. It’s a normal day for us, so normal gaming will continue in the two normal rooms as normal.

We have our regular Saturday meeting on this Saturday 17th August 2013 from 10am to 9pm at the Bar Convent on Blossom St in York.

If you want to playtest Mark’s re-design of an older game on Saturday, Mark will buy you a drink. An actual drink from the fridge. Nope, not happening yet. But you can still ask about the fridge.

Note: our 1st Saturday meet on 7th September 2013 will be held in St Bede’s a few doors down.

Congrats to our dear friends oop north, Newcastle Gamers celebrated their 100th meet with a free game-day and free chocolates and a huge turn-out. Meanwhile, our numbers have been very good in recent weeks, so we’re hopeful of increasing total annual attendance for the 4th year running. If you come along on Saturday.

And, we’ve been buying even more games, more, more than you can dream of. There’s a package winging its way over an ocean…


5 thoughts on “regular meet – saturday 17th august 2013 from 10am

  1. John Baldock says:

    Looking forward to my first visit! I’ve always enjoyed board games but have mainly played Games Workshop ones in the past. It will be interesting to have my horizons expanded. 🙂

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