BM! 7 Wonders tournament – not the 7th september 2013

We are running a 7 Wonders on Saturday 7th September 2013 date to be confirmed, sorry!, from a 10am opening to a 3.30pm prize giving. You’ll play 4 games in a Swiss tournament, first game starts at 11am. Each game is 45 minutes maximum with a 15 min break between games and also a lunch break.

The game will be basic 7 Wonders with no expansions. Please note, this tournament is only for people who know how to play 7 Wonders beforehand. There will be no explanation of the rules or how to play on the day. If you don’t know how to play 7 Wonders, either get learning now or please do not enter.

But you do not have to be an expert player. The tournament is open to anyone who wants to try, beginners are welcome. You only need to know how to play before registering. The contest is open to everyone who wants to register. You can register on the day, but please make sure you will stay through to the finish. You don’t have to be a York resident, we’d love to get in players from all over. We aim to have 7 players at each table, with random seating and wonders. We hope to have several tables competing on the day.

We are charging a £1 fee to enter, non-refundable. There will be prizes, actual prizes for the top three finishers, and some certificates too for highest points scorers (such as Wealthiest Banker, Cleverest Scientist, Canniest Merchant) and for points maximal or minimal.

So please mark the date in your calendar. It’s the 1st Saturday in September, 7th September 2013. Scratch that one out, we’ll confirm the correct date shortly.

Now, does anyone have a spare copy of 7 Wonders to lend us?

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