regular meet – saturday 20th july 2013 – nice and cool inside

Yes, we have some news. We’ll be running a 7 Wonders tournament in September with prizes. More info to follow, but it’s for experienced players, so if you want to enter but don’t know the game then get in and start learning. There’ll be no explaining the rules during the tourny. It will be a Swiss tourny, so you’ll play a few times, and it will be on a strict some say even harsh timetable. We start in the morning and finish early afternoon and you’ll get breaks and time for lunch. £1 to enter, book early to avoid disappointment. Details to follow.

We meet as normal on this Saturday because it’s the 3rd Saturday of the month and we meet every 1st and 3rd Saturday. So, this Saturday, Bar Convent in York, 10am to 9pm, stay as long or little as you want, come and go as you like, beginners very welcome, very friendly social club, members get 10% off in the cafe and… our rooms are lovely and cool.

And we are still buying games for the club. Two expansions for Dominion (Hinterlands and Intrigue) have arrived and a biiig box, Alacazar (which is really Big Boss).


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