regular meet – friday 12th july 2013 5pm

Hello hello hello. What’s all this then? Why, is this your reminder that Beyond Monopoly!, York’s friendliest boardgame club is having a regular Friday meet tomorrow? Come along with me, now then, no trouble please, just come along quietly.

We meet this Friday 12th July 2013 at the Bar Convent on Blossom Street in York from 5pm to 9pm because we meet there each 2nd and 4th Friday and this is the 2nd Friday of the month. See, it all makes sense now.

Last Saturday was a hot day but we still had 33 people turn out. That matches the highest we’ve had for that meeting in the previous 8 years. It’s fantastic that we have such a great draw. It shows what a nice social club we have, one of the best in York. If you just want to make friends and have a good laugh, then come and join us. We’ve got lots of easy games and you don’t have to know anything when you walk in.

Also, we’ve been buying games again! Crazy! We’ve now got Article 27, Croc! and Divinare. We’ve also got some Dominion expansions on order, they might arrive in time for Friday too, Hinterlands and Intrigue, and also a little bitty game called Love Letter. Looks like we’ll have to start another shake-down of the collection, clear some more old stuff out.


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