regular meet with added netrunner – saturday 6th july 2013 10am

It’s our regular Saturday meeting this week. From 10am to 9pm, you can join us at the Bar Convent on Blossom Street in York, just a short walk from the station. Stay as long or little as you like, you can stop all day if you want, or just for a couple of games. And enjoy the Bar Convent’s excellent gluten-free menu too.

We have new games in the club, Ora et Labora should arrive on Saturday.

And more good news, the Netrunner league in York is back to host more demo games for you on Saturday. If you want to have a look or try a game of Android Netrunner, come along on Saturday and CJ and Tom will show you the game. You can join them for a weekly tournament in Lendal Cellars, with prizes too! It’s an interesting game, similar to CCGs like MagicTG, but not a rip-off to build a good deck. It is what’s now called a Living Card Game (LCG), meaning you just buy expansion packs knowing exactly what’s in them. No speculation or big spending to be able to outplay other players.

Netrunner 04 18 may 2013

And speaking of a tournament with prizes, watch this space…


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