missing the reminder emails? here’s how to get them back

Cold turkey stinks. Your supply’s been cut off and you’re wondering where all the good times went. Wishing and hoping, griping and moaning, that don’t work. Here’s how to get it back. Listen.

Subscribe By Email NOW!

The regular reminder emails have stopped and will not be returning. It was too much work, and nobody read them anyway. How do we know that? Because the last email included the reason why the regular reminder emails were stopping, and yet members in the club keep asking, why have the regular reminder emails stopped? QED.

Nope, nobody read them, beyond perhaps seeing the title and remembering we had a meeting.

But there is a way to get those reminder emails back in your in-box! Wanna know how? Read the last email. It was all there, if only you’d read it!

Well, all right, here’s what you do.
1. Look at the front page of the blog. OK, you’re doing that already, well done you! Nearly there…
2. See that box on the right? Just above the Sign me up! button? Type your email address into that box.
3. Click on the Sign me up! button.

Here’s a visual clue.
blog subscribe arrow
(If you cannot see the box, you must be subscribed already.)

That’s it. You’ve now subscribed by email to the blog. Whenever we blog something, you’ll get an email. The reminders are on put the blog. So now you’ll get a reminder email. You don’t have to read it. You don’t have to read any of the blog items. It would be nice if you did, but it’s your choice.

After you’ve subscribed, you’ll see the (manage) tag there instead. You can control the frequency of emails by clicking on the (manage) tag, but only after subscribing by email. You can even unsubscribe that way too, by using the (manage) tag.

So, getting reminders by email is a choice you now opt in to. Subscribe by email NOW! You know it makes sense.

Thank you.


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