how many games did we buy in 12 months?

We don’t know. We do keep records of what games we have; how we acquired and disposed of them. But this is just a rough assessment of games we’ve bought new in shrink based on recent receipts. It misses donations from club members (Coloretto was one), donations from publishers (Martin Wallace has been very generous, PI and Dr Who were recent gifts), buying used games and trades (Heimlich & Co was a trade for Urland). But here’s a rough idea of how we’ve been spending on new copies:

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Ora et Labora, Chocolatl, Outpost, Industry, Felinia, Giants, Vineta, Maharani, Lancaster, Cartagena Die Meuterei, Santa Cruz, Mondo, The Cave, Olympos, Fleet, Eminent Domain, Belfort, Ghost Stories, K2 and Panic Station promos, Power Grid maps, Paris Connection, Village, Santiago de Cuba, Indigo, Castles Of Burgundy and from Essen last October: Take It Easy, Qwirkle, Garibaldi, Showmanager.

What have we missed?


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